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‘Tis The Season To Have A Yummy ‘Kissmas Feast’ With A Little Asian Twist!

It’s perfectly understandable if you are sceptical about fusion cuisine. The different flavours may taste divine individually but when combined, it just doesn’t work for your palette.

Not one to back down from such challenge, the team behind Lucky Peaches eating hall + bar had worked passionately and tirelessly to introduce a delectable array of classy Western cuisine influenced by Asian flavours.

Some popular dishes from its menu are Nyonya Laksa Lemak Pasta, Creamy Miso Carbonara, and Wagyu Beef served with Sambal Belacan Chimichurri Sauce. Inventive, right?

This gastronomic artistry is also translated into its Christmas special, adorably named “Kissmas Feast” and available from now till year’s end.

There’s the Festive Specials menu, from which you can order as a la carte. Then there’s the Xmas Eve Set Menu as well as New Year’s Eve Set Menu. All of these are classic Christmas offerings but served with an Asian twist. Can you imagine it?

I personally had the golden opportunity to try some of the appetising fare, and I have to say that it’s out of this world!

Continue reading to see what you can expect to see from the extensive menu (some with tantalising pictures!).

1. Festive Specials

Mussel Chowder topped with ebikko, with sides of sourdough

Review: Oh so creamy! The bread also tastes fresh.

Foie Gras Dumpling, with ginger and dark vinegar reduction

Review: Hmm… if you like duck liver, you’ll certainly enjoy this unique creation.

Spicy Scampi Pasta, topped with nori and ebikko

Review: The scrumptious scampi is the star, and it’s actually not too spicy.

Honey-Soy glazed Spatchcock Chicken, in lemongrass pear sauce

Chargrilled Lamb Chops, with mint chimichurri + pomegranate raita

Review: The lamb is succulent, and goes extremely well with the sweet and zesty sauce.

Dark Chocolate Tart, served with minus4degrees’ Bailey’s Ice Cream (minus4degrees’ alcohol-free Lemon Thyme Black Pepper Ice Cream available on request)

Review: Black pepper ice cream? Surprisingly yummy! And the chocolate is just whoaaa!

Not pictured is the dessert Rich Soaked Christmas Pudding, with brandied cream (fresh cream available on request). 

2. Xmas Eve Set Menu

The dishes are mostly similar to the Festive Specials but another choice available for starters:

Kaffir Lime Crab Rissole with padthai apple salad

The choices for mains also include Roast 24-hour Traditional Brine Turkey with herbed farmhouse beef bacon stuffing, side servings of maple-glazed root veggies, roast potatoes, brown gravy and cranberry relish.

3. New Year’s Eve Set Menu

This is also similar to the previously mentioned selection, but with two additional options for mains:

Norwegian Salmon Fillet in lemon butter dill reduction

Wagyu Beef Ribeye, foie gras, mash in truffled gravy

4. Ready-to-eat takeaway / dine-in menu

Apart from one-person portions, you can opt for a “party-sized” serving if you want to have a family-and-friends’ feast at Lucky Peaches itself, or at the comfort of your own home.

The menu includes:

  • Roast 24-hour Traditional Brine Turkey
  • Roast 24-hour Brine Chicken
  • Roast Boneless Leg of Lamb
  • Roast Striploin Beef
  • Wagyu Tomahawk Marbling

Drooling yet? Refer to here for the complete Kissmas Feast menu, or better yet, go to Lucky Peaches at Desa Park City to sample these delights yourself!

Lucky Peaches’ inspiration

Still have doubts on the flavours of Lucky Peaches’ creations? Don’t because its owner Ling Ang had drawn inspiration from her childhood in Penang, particularly when her grandmother was cooking away in the kitchen.

“The fragrant smell of Asian ingredients is what I wish to translate into our menu, but in a way that is more suited for food lovers today,” says Ling, who has a long history of working in F&B.

“I worked personally with all of our chefs, imparting Lucky Peaches’ concept and passion. Whether it’s Thai, Malaysian, Sri Lankan or Vietnamese, for example, there’s always an Asian ingredient in each of our dishes,” she says to Hijab & Heels.

Charred Prawn Nyonya Laksa Pesto Pasta

She adds that the pastas are extremely popular among Malaysians. Besides that, Lucky Peaches’ baos, served with either buttermilk fried chicken and nyonya acar, or crispy tempura softshell crab and mango kerabu are also a hit.

“Recently we’ve been getting a mix of Muslim customers who can appreciate that kind of palette. It’s westernised but we gave it a very local flavour.”

For every item in the menu, Ling and her team strive for excellence and perfection. “The Nyonya Laksa Lemak Pasta even took us three months before I gave the okay.

“That’s because I know Malaysians are very proud of their flavours. So if you don’t nail it, don’t put it out.” Dedication!

Up next is Laksa Johor, but in pasta or pizza form! “I also want to experiment with laksam, but that will take a lot of research and development,” says Ling.

Serving hospitality

Wanting the best dining experience for its customers, Lucky Peaches allows its customers to customise their dishes!

Ling says, “We get a lot of Muslim customers, and some non-Muslims don’t take beef. So upon request we’ll make the replacements accordingly.”

Lucky Peaches also gives back to the community by getting its supply of vegetables fresh from a farmer from Semenyih, which are organic and pesticide-free.

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Additionally, it collaborated with minus4degrees, a local artisanal ice cream maker by incorporating the frozen delight into its desserts.

“It’s always been my dream to help and support the local community. We also have trained our staff to be skilled in serving drinks and explaining the dishes since day one. So the business is not just about me, but the people that we have with us.”

Come feast with Lucky Peaches!

Address: Block B-G-8 Plaza Arkadia, 3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours

  • Tuesday – Friday, 12pm till late
  • Saturday & Sunday, breakfast starts at 830am, till late
  • Closed on Mondays

Tel: +03-2712 0705

Email: [email protected] Facebook Instagram  

Photo credit for Kissmas Feast: Saufi Nadzri

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