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Want your kids to excel in school? Take them on vacation, new survey suggests

Going on holidays with your children is no longer all about enjoyment and bonding.

Apparently, according to a new survey, their travel experience may result in more success academically.

Commissioned by the Student and Youth Travel Association, the survey involved 1,500 United States-based teachers.

Based on the results, 79% of educators believed that travel left “a very positive impact on students’ personal development”. A majority of them (56%) believes it can extend to a student’s education and career.

Experiencing other cultures allows children to learn about tolerance and respect, as well as learn and try out new things. Here, the teachers agreed that they have seen students’ increase in willingness to learn and try new things.

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The impact doesn’t only apply in the classroom, but the outdoors as well. Well-travelled kids likely have a higher sense of independence, self-esteem, confidence, adaptability and sensitivity.

They are believed to be more outgoing and expressive than kids who stay at home.

In terms of college admissions, 42% of the teachers thought that a student who travelled more seem more attractive.

Still, in order to gain this sort of impact from travelling, a child doesn’t necessarily have to cruise around the world.

Visiting a different city domestically is also enough to enhance their global learning and understanding, as long as the culture is slightly or more different than the one back home.

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However, parents might not like this statistic: taking a kid on holiday would only make them want to go on more trips.

76% of teachers who took the survey said they saw students hoping to travel more after going on just one trip.

Well, it’s all up to the parents to decide.

Source: Travel+Leisure

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