What’s not to obsessed?

We gotta say we love love love the new concept for Exo’s latest music video “Obsession” cause it reveals the darker evil side, zombie apocalpyse, the mystery of the universe, the three of knowledge good and evil and of course their burning new look!!

Apparently, we are not the only one “obsessed”with this new trailer.

Twitter literally crashed when this came out. Fans reveal their WILD theories revolve around EXO and X EXO and many believe that it involves “clone” and fights and DNA..

With so many theories going on, well..we feel kinda..

So, we compile these threads on Twitter about the fans theories for you guys to research and brainstorm..


The trailer feature six members of EXO as the other three Xiumin, D.O and Lay are currently in the midst of their hectic schedule. The new will album officially release on November 27, check out their trailer album below:

What do you guys think? Are they clones? Or evil zombies that are about to invade the earth? Watch out for these bad boys!