She used to get dragged for her dancing; well not anymore!

If you weren’t living under a rock throughout 2019, you’d probably know that Dua Lipa has has been a living meme for having bad dancing skills. Because of the lack of power in her movements, Dua Lipa got dragged real hard by people out there who labelled her dancing as “no stage presence”.

image taken from: irishexaminer

The meme became too viral that people legit made a video compilation of her having “no stage presence” when performing on stage.

However, in last year’s MTV EMAs, Dua Lipa slapped the people who criticized her for having no stage presence real hard when she showed up with ‘gazillion’ back up dancers and ate up her choreo like nobody’s business!

Performing her new song “Don’t Start Now”, she has definitely started one thing, that is IMPROVEMENT!

If you were to compare, she really has improved so much and unlike the previous, Dua Lipa looked like she was having the time of her life on stage! This time no more “no stage presence”!

And people on the Internet started saying how Dua Lipa has been the most honest and genuine person ever for never attack the people who criticize her, instead prove them wrong by being better.