‘Never underestimate the power of a shoe’- Giuseppe Zannoti, or in our case the power of a woman named Noor Neelofa.

Proving that she has reached a milestone in her career, Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor soared even higher with her latest collaboration featuring Italian luxury footwear designer, Giuseppe Zannoti. 

The collaboration did not happen overnight. Neelofa, a renowned Malaysian fashion icon and Giuseppe Zannoti, a remarkable Italian luxury fashion designer were first introduced at his showroom in Milan and little did she know he had bigger plans in mind for her.

Describing the moment as surreal, Neelofa spoke how she was first approached by the Italian designer himself, 

“I first met Giuseppe Zannoti in Milan when I attended the presentation at Giuseppe Zannoti showroom. We had a conversation about his design, I told him that I really loved his designs and he showed me the collection he made for Lady Gaga. When I got back in KL, I received a surprise invitation to collaborate with him.”

“At first, It was really surreal then it hits me when I sat for the final meeting, I thought to myself that this is gonna be huge. It’s really happening. Let’s do this then I met him for the second design in Paris, that was when we had a proper sit down, brainstorming session, the material, design, colors and sketches.”


While Neelofa couldn’t believe her luck, Mr Zannoti however had his own reasons why he chose Neelofa to carry the Zannoti luxurious style, insisting that he could feel her energy and aura.

“Neelofa embodies the character of a modern, confident woman, unapologetic of her own personal style which inspires. It’s been a real pleasure to get to know her and to work together to create the perfect shoe.”

-Giuseppe Zannoti

Photo: Xtra

Their first collaboration, named The Dazzling Liza for Neelofa & Mirror Liza for Neelofa were inspired by Neelofa’s unique sense of style and personality. The “Dazzling Liza for Neelofa”  features a light blue iridescent crystal encrusted suede platforms that is striking and exudes glamour while “Mirror Liza for Neelofa”, wrapped in silver and rose gold metallic leather represents her edgy and bold style. 

These shoes are exclusively available at the Giuseppe Zannoti Pavillion Boutique in Kuala Lumpur, The Dazzling Liza retails at RM 9,790 and The Mirror Liza at RM 3,890. 

Kudos to Neelofa for marking her fashion icon status onto another level. We are super proud of her and we definitely can’t wait to see what else the “world” has in store for our homegrown fashion icon. 

Neelofa proves that when you dream bigger, you certainly can do bigger!

We love an unapologetically ambitious woman, you go girl!

Photo source: Valiram