By: Mohd Fuad Mohd Noor
17 Jan 2018, 08:09 AM

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa revealed to have cheated his way into Kyunghee University's Graduate School through 'special treatment', according to Koreaboo!

Previously, SBS first reported this news on January 16, with specific details but without naming the two people. And since then people have been busy speculating and guessing who it may be.

Image via Officially KMusic

Now, it has been revealed that it was CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa and his agency, FNC Entertainment released an official explanation saying that:

"Jong Yonghwa passed the Kyunghee University Graduate School entry examination process in January 2017 after the school strongly urged him to apply for the entrance.

"He passed the examination during the additional applicant acceptance period.

Image via beyondasiaphilia

"FNC Entertainment was in charge of handling all the proper documentation and tasks pertaining to his education in a normal way and passed the graduate school without any problem.

"Jong Yonghwa believed that the interview process, were absolutely normal. He is very apologetic about the situation and he has taken a leave of absence from school since.

"Jong Yonghwa applied for the PH.D in Applied Arts in the Fall Semester of 2016. He failed to pass the admission examination because he made the error of not applying properly in the entry process.

"Due to the shortage of applicants in the field in question, the school urged Jong Yong Hwa to apply again by contacting his agency.

"The 2017 entrance procedure had such a shortage of applicants that everyone who applied was accepted. Therefore Yonghwa did not enjoy any advantage in entering a difficult program.

"The agency would never have risked his public image in such a way. Jung Yong Hwa and FNC Entertainment were extremely sorry for causing such an issue and realise that we are responsible.

"We would like to sincerely apologise.”

Besides, Jung Yong Hwa also admits everything was his fault in hand written apology letter with English translations from Koreaboo:

“I bow down and apologize. Regardless of what the reasons are, regardless of what the truth is, everything is my fault and I know that. With all this in mind, I am reflecting upon everything.

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"Anything you say about me, I will accept it. My family, my members and my fans… I am very sorry and apologetic about everything.

"It’s hard to find the words or actions to express how sorry I am but I want to just say I am sorry. I am sorry for taking your precious time with this letter."

Image via Koreaboo
What will happen to CNBLUE'S Jung Yong Hwa now as he had been caught in this issue? Stay tuned for more updates on this news. 

Written by : Chan Suet Yee


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