On June 21st, 2018, comedian Ji Suk Jin’s father passed away, Koreaboo wrote. The late man has been ill for a while now but it was unclear as to what caused it.

During the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards, Suk Jin revealed in his acceptance speech that his parents weren’t in the pink of health.

When he won the Top Excellence Award, he shared,

“My mother and father are not feeling well. I feel they will be happy when they see me win this award, and I’m glad that I can be filial to them in this way.”

The funeral will be held at Asan Hospital Funeral Home in Seoul.

For now, Suk Jin’s live broadcasts will be taken over by colleagues. Kim Shin Young will be covering the first hour of Ji Suk Jin’s 2PM Date and Kim Hyun Chul will be taking over the second half.

Meanwhile, there’s no new reported about missing out filming for other shows like Running Man and Happy Together yet.

Hopefully, Suk Jin and his family will feel better soon. May his father rest in peace.