When JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun announced his wedding plans with non-celebrity Hwang Hana last year, fans were truly brokenhearted.

The couple began dating in April, 2017 and then suddenly announced their engagement and plans to marry in September of the same year, Koreaboo reported.

Source: Korea Iyaa

Hana even left social media for a while after many fans of Yoo Chun started cyber-bullying her.

Now, after a few months of this news, it seems like the lovers have called it quits and went their separate ways!

A close friend to the couple told the press,

“They recently broke up. They called off the wedding and are no longer dating. The reason for their split is unknown, but they separated amicably.

“Hwang Hana has decided to continue cheering Park Yoochun on as a fan.”

Source: Netizen Buzz

The singer’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment, is still looking into the matter. They explained,

“We are confirming the news about Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana’s split. We will make a statement after we’ve checked into it.”

Many people are speculating that the trauma from being bullied by Yoo Chun’s fans led Hana to bail out on the wedding while others feel that it could be Yoo Chun’s own busy schedule that didn’t allow the couple to continue dating.


Regardless, it seems like the two are still friends and we should continue to cheer them on.