On Monday, November 4th was a remorseful day for a family in Udon Thani, northern Thailand.

During that day, a father in Thailand had found his son unconscious at his personal computer. It was his school holidays and the boy was said to have used his free time staying in his room on multiplayer battle games on his computer.

▲ It was believed that a 17-year-old, Piyawat Harikum had pulled up an all-night gaming session.

The boy was later examined by the medics and sadly had passed away from stroke. Prior to the medics, the father revealed to have tried reviving his son but unfortunately it was too late.

“I called his name and tried to wake him up but he didn’t respond”

According to the medic’s report, the teenager suffered a stroke due to his constant fixation to his games.

Piyawat had always been a fan of games, sometimes a bit too obsessed. His parents revealed that allegedly this wasn’t his first time staying up all night playing games with his curtains pulled closed. Despite continuous urges, Piyawat allegedly refused on cutting down his screen time.

▲ On the moment he was found unconscious, Piyawat was slumping against a PC tower on the floor, and piles of takeaway boxes and fizzy drinks were found near him.

“My son was a smart boy and had always done great in school, but somehow he had quite an addiction to gaming. I want my son’s death to be an example. It was too late for his to change”.

The father urges parents out there to be more strict on their children’s playing hours. It’s better now than too late.

Image taken from: Dailymail.co.uk