Now this is a technology advancement we can be proud of!

So when we talk about the Sun, everyone knows that it is the brightest star in our solar system! And just like any stars out there, we would assume that it kind of have craters or some sorts, right?

But a telescope in Hawaii has produced the highest resolution video yet of the Sun’s surface and it’s looking a bit trippy because it reminds us of the most golden caramel popcorn ever!

▲ The trippy image came from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, which started taking images of the Sun in the December from the Hawaii’s Haleakalā peak.

Being hailed as the largest and most powerful solar telescope in the world—as of now—the telescope was used to study the Sun’s magnetic field to learn more about our Sun’s behaviours in the solar system.

The “popping” cells seen in the video are actually plasma rising up out of the sun, cooling off, and then retreating back downwards. The video is so high resolution that the image shows details and figures of just roughly 29km across!

And the scale of the image is quite extreme, we must say because each “kernel” (sorry, we can’t help but think of it as popcorn) seen in the footage is about the size of Texas—which covered around 18,990km by 10,782km!

image taken from: nso

This is truly amazing and we can’t wait what human’s intelligence can benefit in learning the knowledge of nature.