Remember back in the day when we rode our bicycles and went to the nearest “kedai runcit” to grab our favorite snacks like Kino Tora, Choki Choki, Nyam Nyam, Sugus and the famous super cheezy salty sweet all time favourite Super Ring?

The taste of the sweet tangy salty cheese full in our mouth, ah. those were the old good days. So when our favorite childhood snack now has made it in Korea, we are like..

The same old snack we’ve been munching for years, that very same old snack that people sell in kedai runcit and kampung, were selling fast all over the street shops in Korea!

And it’s all because of these two Blackpink’s members!

Who would have thought that Jennie and Jisoo are big fans of Super Ring? Don’t believe it? Well,  Twitter always has the answer, here’s the proof!


Apparently, these two were introduced to this snack when they visited Singapore, since then they couldn’t stop looking for this yummy thing. 

We feel the same way too!

So when Jennie and Jisoo found it at 7-Eleven in Malaysia, well….they literally went crazy and just grabbed it off the rack. And of course, we are actually PROUD that our favourite snack is selling hot in Korea, thanks to these two beauties!

We have high hope that Jennie and Jisoo will take our local snack to another next level, international maybe.. Check out Jennie and Jisoo’s reaction when they found their favorite SNACK.

We just love their adorkable obsession with Super Ring!

Stocking away Super Ring at the groceries store, brb..