Many people tend to think that being a bitch is bad. Well, it depends on how you see it, I guess. To us, bitch stands for something totally amazing.

Check out what we think bitch totally stands for.


No, you don’t have to jump off the bridge or even be crazy enough to bungee jump off of the Petronas Twin Towers to be considered brave.

Being brave is about being you yourself. Are you up for anything in the world? Are you gonna be a risk taker or play it safe? Go explore and discover what the world has in store for you! Why not?

You should follow your passions, chase after your dreams and achieve all your goals! To go after something you really want to. You will feel insecure and afraid as you will unsure whether things will work out or not.

But that’s what being brave is all about. To do it and go after it!



Being inspired is the root of all successes. Inspiration can come in many forms, from people or just anything around you.

Perhaps you’re inspired by the people whom you really look up to as though they’re the leader of the world. They could be celebrities or maybe even your own family members. You gotta be inspired and optimistic!

Though you never know what’s gonna happen in your life in the next 10 years, anything is possible once you’ve found your inspiration.



Show em what you got! Our talent is God’s gift to us and every person has got their own specialty! Perhaps you’re talented in hosting, singing or even acting. In the end, it is all about finding your talent and making the best out of it!

Plus, your talent could even earn you lots of bucks! 😉



Creativity in itself is a form of art.

Getting creative includes literally doing whatever you think is fun and looks good. You can create whatever you want and it is completely up to your own discretion.

Sometimes people may laugh at your ideas, but who cares? If you believe it’s gonna work then just do it. Push your boundaries, be more creative and most importantly, have fun.



Nobody would ever want to be sad or discontent their whole lives. So, be happy and grateful for whatever things that you have as happiness stems from gratitude.

Whatever you do, whatever you’ve got, whatever you’re given, just think of them as blessings. A positive outlook in life and situations could totally change your everyday moods.


Do you think you’re a bitch? Well, I sure hope you are because if this is what being a bitch stands for, I’d gladly be one all the time.

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