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Co-labs Coworking Celebrates Women’s Day by Spreading Love and Goodness

Historically speaking, women have had almost no trace across all cultures and civilisations save for the few that we actually know.

Even then, some of these women are seen in negative light sometimes in today’s time. For example, Cleopatra is known as a ruler who only slept with many men. However, Cleopatra was actually a diplomat, naval commander, linguist, and even medical author.

Thankfully though, as time passes, women are getting the recognition they deserve. Corporations around the world are taking initiatives in giving equal opportunities towards females as they would to males.

On top of that, women are also now being recognised not only as workers but also as leaders.

One such company that’s taking International Women’s Day as a chance to spread the appreciation to all women is Co-labs.

This co-sharing space not only creates an office environment that’s modern and nurturing, but also helps build a space for collaborative communities.

Though large in size with about 20,000 square feet of space, 56 Premium Suites, 56 Fixed Desks and 30 Flexi Desks, Co-labs still prepared hundreds of Care Packs for all the ladies working within the vicinity in conjunction with the celebrative day.

The Care Pack consisted of a Clarifying Hibiscus Body Soap from Tanamera, a face mask, a packet of Guardian wet wipes, a Whisper sanitary pad, several vouchers, and a gorgeous pink carnation.

Of course, to top it all off, they fitted a bunch of different quotes by famous women to empower other women into the packages as well.

About Co-labs

Co-labs Coworking is a subsidiary of Paramount Corporation, an established property developer renowned for its signature design approach that delivers quality interiors that are both functional and practical.

As mentioned above, they they have various types of spaces available in the 20,000 square feet of space within The Starling Mall branch alone. 

It takes approximately 120 seconds and 120 steps to walk from the reception area to the farthest point inside.

From an event space that can fit up to 300 people to a mini call booth for just a single person, they’ve got the perfect space for each and everyone.

There are also special rooms catered for an all-round work culture such as Sleep Pods for those quick snoozes in between inspiration-less times, a gaming room with a PS4 and an arcade machine for de-stressing moments, and nursing room for mothers to care for their babies in private.


There’s more to the space than meets the eye and it’s more fascinating than what words could make it out to be.

Follow Co-labs Coworking on Facebook & Instagram. Drop them a DM if you would like a tour!

For more information, check out Co-labs’ website, or call 03 7621 7420 (The Starling) or 03 5039 1019 (Glenmarie).


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