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5 Reasons Why Yogurt Is Great For Kids

Anything that’s labelled as healthy food will usually attract an “eugh” reaction from kids, but yogurt is unlike most nutritious snack.

It’s sweet and filling but it contains low calories. Plus, its creamy texture is appealing to both young and adult tummies. So it’s considered a bonus that it’s both yummy and healthy.

Here are five reasons you should serve it to your growing kids.

It’s rich in calcium

This mineral is good for the bone and a common source of calcium is milk which is convenient enough to consume daily. Still, another form of calcium can be beneficial too especially if it offers triple the amount of mineral.

For example, 8 ounces of milk contains 100mg of calcium while 8 ounces of low-fat plain yogurt contains approximately 400mg of calcium! It’s easy to see which one you should prefer.

It contains probiotics

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Yeah, this fact might scare your kids, or even you yourself. Probiotics are living organisms that balance gastrointestinal flora. In other words, eating yogurt can help regulate your digestive system and prevent diarrhoea and constipation.

It’s high in protein

Aside from calcium, yogurt also is rich in protein. An 8-ounce serving contains as much protein as an egg! So you don’t have to stuff yourself with meat to increase protein in your diet.

This mineral is also great for maintaining energy so if your kids eat yogurt for lunch, he should come home still energised enough for homework.

It can help maintain weight

Consuming yogurt will result in fullness, according to a study by University of Washington. The less hungry you feel, the less you’ll eat, obviously.

In kids’ case, childhood obesity may potentially result in high-blood pressure and high cholesterol later in life. Therefore, keeping fit through a healthy, filling diet involving yogurt is advised.

It’s versatile

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Kids don’t necessarily have to eat yogurt in its raw, white-blob form. It might not look appealing anyway. Instead, yogurt can be used in cooking, from salad dressing to homemade fruit pops.

Be creative so that your kids will be interested.

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