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5 Weird Rules Babysitters Have Been Asked To Follow By Parents

Babysitting isn’t an easy job. If you have children and you yourself have difficulties in taking care of them, imagine taking care of other people’s children.

After all, most of these kids can be quite a handful when their parents are away and that will take a lot out of you, both physically and mentally.

In some cases, however, it’s the parents themselves that are more difficult to deal with.

On popular online forum Reddit, babysitters have shared the more ridiculous rules they have been asked to follow by this type of parents.

The reality is, some mums and dads just have some very specific ways of taking care of their children and they insist that the babysitters use the same methods.

If it’s reasonable enough, why not, right? But some of these rules are just plain weird. Read on to find out what they are.

Only the best

“Once a family asked me only to feed their baby with formula made with twice-boiled Fiji water.” Fiji Water is an expensive brand of bottled “natural artesian water” from Fiji islands.

Feeding time

“One had me feed her 1 year old only from a freshly opened baby food container. If she only ate two or three spoons of it, I was to throw the rest away. If she wanted more in 15 minutes I was to open a new container.”

Napping tour

Instead of singing to them a lullaby, someone was asked to drive the kids around for hours until they fall asleep.

“Asked me to drive their three-year-old twins around in my personal vehicle for 2.5 hours because ‘that’s the only way they can nap’.

“No. I simply put the kids in their beds, closed the door, and they were asleep in 15 minutes.”

Credit: Babysits

Bedtime rituals

“I had to put the kids to sleep with the CD player going but that wasn’t the weird part. It was playing a recording of their parents basically saying ‘Molly, you are wonderful. You are a star. You’re going to shine bright.’

“It was like several hours long, and apparently they listened to it every night.”

If the parents love, the kids should too?

A babysitter said a family asked that their three-year-old daughter listen to the same Fleetwood Mac (a Western rock group) tracks.

“The three-year-old daughter had to watch this video tape of a live Fleetwood Mac concert before bed.

“I was like, ‘okay that’s adorable; three-year-olds love the weirdest things, she’s so quirky and this will be fun.’ But she didn’t love it. She always wanted to watch The Land Before Time (a Disney animated movie) instead.

“Obviously the family eventually found out I wasn’t making her watch it. They were clearly upset by this and I was never called back to babysit.”


So what do you think? Can you relate to any of these stories? Or do you have worse experiences? Let us know! 

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