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15 Modern Design Ideas For Your Baby’s Bedroom

Almost as joyful as welcoming the birth of your child is getting ready for the little one’s arrival in terms of clothing, toys, food… all the works!

And one of the most important things to prepare is where the baby will sleep. Some parents will set up a special room, and while doing so with the little one in mind, they have a chance unleash their creativity.

We have to get with the times, so your nursery doesn’t have to have a traditional, pastel-coloured theme anymore.

“Blue for a boy, pink for a girl.” That’s so old-school. Get creative! Be bold! Follow design trends! If your other rooms can have a modern look, your baby’s bedroom can too.

If you are a fan of modern design, below is a compilation of ideas that you can get inspiration from. They’re cool enough for a baby to enjoy and the adults to appreciate.

Before that, here are some tips to ensure that your nursery is practical and safe and at the same time looks great:

  • If possible, make sure there is plenty of floor space for the baby to play on.
  • In order to avoid the room being cluttered, prepare lots of storage options so that you can clean up easily while holding a baby
  • Select furniture items that your child still can use as he or she grows older
  • Choose durable and washable fabrics and rugs that you can clean easily
  • Carefully consider the placement of your furniture when your baby starts getting mobile. Keep the crib away from the window and cords, cover electricity outlets on the walls, and place valuable items on higher shelves

And now, on to the designs!

Source: Freshome

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