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Ini wajah cantik srikandi barisan hadapan seluruh dunia yang luka kesan pemakaian topeng muka

Penularan pandemik COVID-19 yang melanda seluruh dunia kini mencatat jumlah jangkitan sebanyak 2,627,630 dengan angka kematian mencecah 183,336 kes.

Saat ini, petugas barisan hadapan seluruh dunia bertungkus-lumus memerah keringat bagi menangani penularan wabak berkenaan. Ternyata, keperitan yang dirasai pejuang barisan hadapan memang tiada tolok bandingnya.

Selain perlu menggadaikan masa bersama keluarga tercinta, memperoleh rehat yang tidak mencukupi dan keadaan yang tidak terurus dengan pemakaian peralatan pelindungan diri (PPE), wajah yang lebam serta luka akibat pemakaian topeng muka terlalu lama juga antara pengorbanan yang mereka terpaksa lalui.

Walau bagaimanapun, ia sedikit pun tidak melemahkan semangat petugas barisan hadapan untuk terus komited dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan kepada mereka.

Jom kita lihat wajah-wajah cantik petugas barisan hadapan kesan pemakaian topeng muka dalam jangka masa yang terlalu lama sehingga menyebabkan kulit mereka berbekas, gatal dan luka.

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I can’t even begin to describe my emotions after a 14 hour long night on Coronavirus Critical Unit. I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, furious for not having enough or quality PPE, scared of carrying the virus to home or contracting myself; I’m physically and mentally drained, and may be some what proud of myself for helping to fight this pandemic ????. . My shift was a whirlwind. I never saw patients crashing so fast before. By the morning most of the patients were on ventilator or waiting for ventilator to be available. Every admitted patient has pneumonia and literally every patient has Covid-19. I wonder what happened to other diseases ???? ?! . You know what’s more sad? As I finally sit down to document on my patient’s chart, I see multiple patients with same last name. Coincidence? Nope. They’re from the same family ????. Brothers, couple, son/daughter and mother/father. Sadder than that ? People dying alone in a hospital bed, not being able to see family members for days and family not being able to say their goodbyes????. . PEOPLE PLEASE STAY HOME TO STAY ALIVE !!! ???? . . . . . . #nurseonduty #nursefightingcoronavirus #criticalcarenurse #ernurse #nurselife #nursesofinstagram #nurse???? #nursesunite #respectforhealthcareworkers #stayhome #staysafe #coronavirus #nepali #nepaligirl

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I don’t usually like to post photos of myself. But I felt the need to record moments like this. See the marks on my face? Those are the marks left by the N95 mask that divides me and the potential Covid-19 patient. That barrier is one of which that keeps me safe from bringing the virus home. I am mentally exhausted after each shift. I pray everyday that I do the right thing by my patient and by my family. This Easter, the prayer on everyone’s lips are the same… help keep us safe, hope for an end to this pandemic and to pray for those affected by this virus. Jesus has died and risen to save us. Easter to me is about hope. Let’s all do our part. We are all in this together ????

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This is the new normal after a shift, blisters on the nose and irritation to my face. Wearing a mask for 12 hours straight. Reusing a mask for at least 3 days, or until it is visibly soiled. Placing it in a paper bag after a shift until the next day. This virus is real, and people are sick, fighting for their lives. ???? Young people with NO health problems are sick, old people are sick and people are dying. . . I am still seeing people having get togethers and hanging out. It’s infuriating. Why are you so careless about your health, your friends health and your families. Just because you don’t have symptoms does not mean you are not carrying it. . . I want you to all to DO BETTER . Be smarter. Stay safe. . . #essential #ernurse #frontlineworkers #frontline #emergencymedicine #emergencyroom #covi̇d19 #masklife #nurse #nurselife #dobetter #socialdistancing #socialdistancing2020 #mask #masklife

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I broke down and cried today. I cried of exhaustion, of defeat. Because after 4 years of being an ER nurse, I suddenly feel like I know nothing. Because my face hurts after wearing an N95 for 13 fucking hours, which happens to be the same N95 I wore yesterday for 12.5 hours, and the same one from all last week. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the statement “but this is what you signed up for”. Just, no. I signed up to take care of sick patients, yes. I did not sign up to be unprotected by their sickness (although my hospital is busting their asses to try to protect us). I did not sign up to be yelled at by angry patients because our government failed to be prepared. I did not sign up to risk mine and my family’s health and safety because people wanted to go on their vacations after they said NOT to. An ER nurse in New York died today of COVID-19. He was in his 40s and had very mild asthma. That’s it. This is not just a tall tale, this is the real risk. I have to go into every patient’s room and in the back of my mind I think “this could be the patient that gets me sick… that kills me”. “This could be the patient that gives me the virus I bring home to my children or asthmatic husband”. This is my new reality. But this is only the beginning. We haven’t even scratched the surface of the impact of what this illness is going to make on our country. And I’m scared.

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It was nearly 0400. The marks are real. And to think, this was only after spending one hour in the room, during an admission, using the interpreter services. The gowns are hot, I’m sweaty, and masks are itchy. I stopped wearing face makeup to work (only mascara on) because the surgical masks, and N95 cannot be cleaned properly if there is makeup is on them. Even though I recently got canceled from my current assignment, my floor is still very busy. I’m looking for a new job. I still have two weeks left at my current hospital. Im staying positive, there’s always jobs around here. It will work out ???? #stayhome #covidnurse #covi̇d19 #california #CAnurse #travelnurselife #travelnurse

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Today’s story is gritty and honest, a candid reflection from the center of the storm. Thank you @lipstickandlifesaving ????????for your work! “Each day comes with less support and more responsibility. The safety and security we had yesterday is gone the next day. We can’t escape the misery of going 13 hours at a time wearing gowns or scrubs sweating from places in our bodies that we didn’t even know could sweat, faces and ears aching from the pressure of the suffocating masks. Then we go and care for people who are dying alone, because there are no visitors allowed.” Read her full story at and find her online at

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