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Love X Stereo is the Latest Korean Band You Need to Know

The one thing which overshadows the Korean music scene is definitely K-POP. Aside from the usual boy and girl bands dancing in sync to various choreography, there are actually a lot of artists in other genres worth listening to.

Hip-Hop and rap are starting to become mainstream thanks to shows like Unpretty Rapstar and Show Me the Money, but what about the others?

Here’s a South Korean band which Malaysians need to take note of because they absolutely deserve it; Love X Stereo.

They’re an electronic rock duo comprising of former skate punk rocker Toby Hwang and fugitive astrophysicist Annie Ko. Formed in 2011, the two have seen a great adventure in making their mark throughout the music scene.

From gigs and music festivals in their home country to massive music festivals overseas such as KCON in Los Angeles, SXSW South by By Southwest in Texas, Baybeats in Singapore, etc., it’s safe to say that Love X Stereo is frigging good.

Billboard even highlighted them too, saying,

“Annie Ko’s cotton-candy voice is light and fluffy, the perfect match to Toby Hwang’s pastel fever dream production.”

MTV mentioned,

“Frontwoman Annie Ko possesses a girlish, fairy-tale whisper that lends itself to CHVRCHES comparisons.

But while the Scottish band floats like an electronic butterfly, Love X Stereo stings like a rock ‘n’ roll bee.”

And even Metro penned,

“Love X Stereo are quite frankly and criminally underrated considering the quality of music that they make.”

Feel like you’re left out of the scene now? Fret not because they’re right here in Kuala Lumpur over the long weekend.

Check out their schedule:

Date Time Location
21st August 8PM The Bee, Publika
22nd August 8PM Merdekarya
24th August 8PM Ren/Kyo
25th August 8PM Live Fact

Don’t forget to catch them around town these next few nights because it’s gonna be lit af.


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