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4 Things You Should Know Before Watching ‘Ejen Ali the Movie’ in the End of 2019

If you didn’t know, Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation has announced the release of Ejen Ali the Movie soon in the fourth quarter of 2019! If you haven’t yet known this, you should probably need to read this first before proceeding with this one.

This movie is set to take place in continuation to where Season 2 of Ejen Ali stopped. After defeating super-villain Uno, Primeworks Studios has taken a major leap into securing the success of the series through a full-length movie.

So, what are the things you should be expecting for this upcoming action-adventure-comedy animated movie?

The new invention IRIS Neo!

After taking down the super villain Uno, Ejen Ali embraces his role in secret agency MATA as Cyberaya’s new line of defence. Unknown to Ali, MATA has developed his invention in the Atlas gadget to upgrade IRIS into IRIS Neo. What makes Ali question his position, this new IRIS Neo is now available to be used by many more other agents, not just Ali! What a twist! So, what’s gonna happen to Ali? Is he no longer needed? 

Vast discovery of the world of Cyberaya!

Differ from what is shown in the series, the movie is set to take place in the vast world of Cyberaya! Instead of just focusing on schools and MATA Academy like in the series, upcoming adventures will happen in the streets of the modern metropolis. So this mean bigger actions and bigger surprises! Can’t wait!

The super detailed animation quality

Even though the series itself was well-loved for its outstanding animation quality, this upcoming 90 minutes movie will feature a quality that is never seen before in Malaysian animation industry! Versus the series, the movie has more realistic hair textures and smoother cloud movements. So, this also means that the actions will going to be more epic than before!

EDM-vibes soundtracks along with the knife-edge actions!

This upcoming movie promises more jaw-dropping action scenes with its bass-booming EDM soundtracks! Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation have yet tease us on the samples of soundtracks but judging from the musics we’ve gotten from the trailer, it’s surely going to a lot of fun!

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t watched it yet.

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