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5 Korean Dramas That Teaches Unconditional Love

Love is a difficult thing for us all to do easily, especially when we need to do it unconditionally. 

It is in human nature to place certain standards when it comes to love. We expect something out of the people we love regardless of the type of relationship we have.

For example, certain parents would love their children more if the children did well in school. Some people feel that they could love their partners more only if they gave up on a bad habit.

However, true love should not have any sort of conditions in the first place. Here are five Korean dramas that prove unconditional love does exist.

1. Touching You

Do Jin Woo has this pretty cool ability to see into the future. He falls in love with Jin Hee Yeong who is an angel as she looks after everyone well and without prejudice.

Jin Woo saw into Hee Yeong’s future and saw that she had a very bad fate. Instead of running away like how most people usually would, Jin Woo decides to stay by her side and even marry her.

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Starring: Ok Taecyeon, Song Ha Yoon, Park Joo Hyun, Kim Jong Moon


2. Kill Me, Heal Me

Cha Do Hyun has got Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) due to a horrible childhood trauma he went through. Unfortunately, due to the pain he had to face, he also lost memories of anything that happened when he was 9-years-old.

Oh Ri Jin is a psychiatrist and through some twisted fate, she ended up becoming his doctor. The two develop feelings for each and it’s lovely to see how Ri Jin could love Do Hyun as well as all his other personalities.

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Starring: Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Kim Yoo Ri, Oh Min Suk


3. Tomorrow With You

Having the ability to travel through time when he takes the subway, Yoo So Joon one day finds himself suffering from loneliness in the future.

To avoid this awful fate, he marries photographer Song Ma Rin. It took him some time to love her but he finally learns to do so selflessly.

Catch this heart-wrenching tale on tonton and remember to prep some tissues too.

Starring: Shin Min A, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Ye Won


4. Fight For My Way

Two immature friends, Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra, are in their adulthood now but far from achieving their dreams. Dong Man was a taekwondo athlete but something caused him to stop and now he is an unknown mixed martial artist.

Meanwhile, Ae Ra wanted to become an news anchor but ended up working at the concierge of a department store instead.

Watch the show on tonton and follow as the duo, along with another two of their friends, grow up in this realistic drama.

Starring: Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Ahn Jae Hong, Song Ha Yoon


5. Witch’s Love

Age difference shouldn’t matter as long as both parties are of legal age. In fact, there is this stigma in Asian culture that men should always date women who are of the same age or younger.

This drama shows the development of Ban Ji Yeon and Yoon Dong Ha’s relationship as they struggle to accept their age gap and also society’s negative perspectives.

Follow the couple through all 16 episodes on tonton.

Starring: Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Seo Joon


If you think about it, do you truly love someone without any conditions or expectations? It is hard for us humans to be selfless but it isn’t impossible. Who knows, perhaps after watching all these dramas, you might learn to love like never before too.

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