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6 “The Greatest Showman” Songs that Still Hit You Right in the Feels!

“The Greatest Showman” is literally of the greatest movies ever released in the big screens! Debatable but your arguments are invalid.

Be it the beautiful plot line and the original soundtracks, this movie was definitely one of the best on its time! Starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, the story took place about an ambitious orphan trying to climb up the social status through show business and visions, that soon rewards him into a spectacle gentleman of worldwide sensation.

Along the journey, the movie took a musical route which awes the viewers. Exquisite composition, beautiful lyrics and excellent visionaries, the original soundtracks are ones not to be forgotten by anyone! Even after its release 2 years back, the songs still hit you right in the feels.

“Rewrite the Stars” by Zac Efron and Zendaya.

The love story is just too beautiful for any living person to forget! I’m so soff, I literally uwu-ed.

“The Greatest Show”!

I mean like literally, who would not sing-a-long to the epic performance of “The Greatest Show”? Of course it’s awkward if you’re watching it with someone else, but let’s be real you’d jam to this real hard if you’re all alone, am I right?

Epic performance of “Come Alive” in the circus!

Another banger for the casts of “The Greatest Showman”! Ever since the first listen, the beat, the dance, the lyrics; everything is stuck in the head. The next moment, you’ll be singing “cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open” all day long.

“Never Enough” by Loren Allred.

Just like the title, “Never Enough” is never enough! Her voice! Gosh, that is how a Goddess’ voice would imagined like. Along with the majestic instrumentals, her voice stands out so much it literally went straight into the feels.

An endearing love song of “A Million Dream”.

Everyone wished to have such a beautiful love story like this at some point. It’s something that almost everyone can relate and something that some of us had experienced this in the past. The song sometimes could remind us of someone special, even if they have long gone from your life.

The ultimate self-empowerment anthem “This Is Me”.

They say save the best for the last and here you go! The best song in the entire film! Everything in this song is pure perfection. The lyrics, the choreography, the cinematography and the vocals! Dayyum, this song never gets tired!

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