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9-Year-Old Breaks Down on TV Show Due to Father’s Lack of Love

Growing up with siblings, we all know that sometimes our parents tend to dote on one more than the other.

Sometimes, we’re the ones getting that extra bit of love, sometimes, it’s our siblings who are more favoured. Regardless of which position we’ve been in, the feeling of unfairness will stay with us for a very long time.

We will always remember that one time our parent yelled at us over something our sibling did wrong. We will always remember the time we got a present for no reason but our sibling had to work for it.

No matter how little the difference was, we’d recall that moment for a long time. So, can you imagine the amount of pain Jian, and even Seoan, are feeling right now?

At just 9-years-old, Jian already feels ostracised by his own father. Apparently, the father would be extremely affectionate towards 4-year-old Seoan but would be cold and harsh towards Jian.

On the September 26th, 2018 episode of Hello Counselor, the concerned mother came onto the show hoping that her husband would treat both her sons more equally.

The father has said horrible things towards the elder son such as,

“Seeing our oldest son eat makes me lose my appetite.”

In fact, the father would always say yes to Seoan’s every request but rarely ever to Jian’s.

The audience, panel guests and even hosts couldn’t help but feel extremely angry at the unreasonable man.

In fact, both Jian and Seoan were invited to the show as well and the elder son ended up crying on the show.

Watch the heartbreaking episode below:

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