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So, they had a movie screening for the latest hits Korean movie, “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds” in TGV One Utama the other day and the XTRA team had the best idea – to send someone aka me, a non-Korean pop culture fan to review the movie and let you guys know my honest opinion of the movie.



I know what you’re thinking. But, let’s go, I’ll take you into this K-movies noob ride! 

Okay, so lemme be honest, I have been on hiatus from Korean pop culture for quite some time, but since I have a bit of K-drama background in the past, there might be some references to those K-dramas of the olden days (think along the lines of My Girl, Princess Hours. Yes, I am THAT old!)  


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As mentioned on our previous post of the film, “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds” centers on the journey of Kim Ja-hong, a fireman who apparently died a noble death and is named a paragon through seven stations of the afterlife before reincarnated. 

If you were just like me who startled when the word paragon surfaced on the subtitles, lemme give you an Oxford dictionary of the word.

Paragon ˈpærəɡən/

“a person who is perfect or who is a perfect example of a particular good quality”


So, Kim Ja-hong, the firefighter was given a special “paragon” tag for an exclusive passage through the afterlife upon his unexpected death unlike a hordes of other unfortunate souls.

Escorted by a group of grim reapers led by the dapper Gang-rim and his assistants, the dashing Haewonmok and the easily-teary girl Dukchun through 7 separate trials of the afterlife, Ja-hong was forced to evaluate his life in all aspects – things like whether did he spend his time well? Or did he do them all because of money? Has he ever killed anyone or break his mom’s heart? 

If you were just like me, this whole Far Eastern concept of death might seem a bit of puzzling and even VERY VERY scary in the beginning, but trust me, you’re gonna get a a grip of it pretty fast and with the impromptu humour that I believe is very Korean in its deliverance (no?) and with the superb special effects that showcases Korean film industry attempts at catching up with Hollywood, this movie is SO SO worth you go see more than once! 


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Apart from the hilarious script, picturesque scenes at every trial and the superb special effects scenes and scores, there’s ONE thing that I believe is very oriental in the story line – the concept of filial piety. 

Filial piety might sound like such a big word to many of us but its real definition is equally heavy. It basically denotes the utter respect and deference that a child or a younger one should have over their parents or just basically someone older than them, in many cases, you can’t even answer back or give a differing opinions to theirs. Yes, I’m guessing you’re getting the picture now! 

If there is one ultimate reason why you should reserve a date and go and see this movie with your loved ones, it should be because of the heavy message of motherly love and family bonds that this movie carries. TOTALLY! 


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Being a non-Korean movie fan, of course I had not a single clue who is who. All I cared about was how good looking all the casts were and how every scene was like a CGI feast to my eyes.

But, looking at all the casts which some I have recognized from my previous teenage obsession with K-dramas, such as Haemonwok who is the cold smug-faced Crown Prince Lee Shin and the Goddess of Indolence which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen in some huge K-movies before, this movie is definitely a star-studded motion-picture.

THE ONLY criticism that I have of the movie is that it is rather lengthy with fighting scenes that are just way too many and too unnecessary to support the main story line of the movie. Kalau tak ada pun tak apa! 

If you asked this K-pop culture noob, whether this movie is worth it? My answer would be a resounding YES YES YES! 


Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds hits cinemas across Malaysia this 18th of January! 

Warning: Please spare yourself and the person sitting next to you some tissues because we’re telling you waterworks towards the end of the movie is INEVITABLE. 

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