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Attention! Ejen Ali Teams Up With Mydin For A BTS 2020 Collaboration!

Calling up all M.A.T.A. agents!

The year 2019 is ending and soon school for 2020 will start! With this new year of school, as M.A.T.A. agent, you need to prepare yourself for what’s to come!

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New challenges, new obstacles and new set of goals. To prepare you in becoming a better agent next year, you need to start afresh with new uniforms, equipment and a new look!

Exclusively for M.A.T.A. agents, Primeworks Studio and WAU Animation are teaming up with Mydin for the first time ever to bring you “Ejen Ali Back To School with Mydin” campaign.

▲ The collaboration includes a wide range of apparel; school uniforms, t-shirts and pants.

The launch was held on November 19th and whilst the Ejen Ali BTS with Mydin’s debut appearance to the public, the ceremony was graced by YB Tuan Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’ Youth and Sports Minister. 

▲ YB Tuan Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman launching the ceremony. 

Not only Ejen Ali BTS with Mydin is preparing new school equipment for 2020 with prices that are affordable for everyone, the campaign is further made special through the debut of exclusive Ejen Ali character card figurine!

▲ With only purchase of RM50 and above, you’re entitled for one out of six Ejen Ali character card figurines for free.

Ejen Ali BTS items will be available only for two months; starting on December 1st 2019 until January 31st 2020.

Ejen Ali: The Movie will be released on the big screens on the 28th of November in cinemas all across Malaysia!

So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Mydin store and suit up with Ejen Ali Back To School with Mydin items and face your obstacles like a M.A.T.A. agent!

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