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Because Of This Clip, Victor From ‘Ejen Ali’ Went Viral For ‘Understanding Women’ More Than Men Will Ever Do

If we talk about Ejen Ali, people would always give the spotlight to the superior trio—Ali, Alicia and Bakar. But recently, there’s another certain character in the animated series that has received a major spotlight.

That is none other than Viktor!

With the major success of Ejen Ali: The Movie recently, the Malaysia-made animated franchise has further caught the eyes of the public when Victor suddenly received attention owing to one specific tweet.

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It all started from here…

With the caption “Even cartoons can understand women”, the tweet posted by @fazlinafisa blew up instantly and had its well round on the Internet. Having so far 33k retweets and 36k likes, it seems that @fazlinafisa isn’t the only one who has that thought.

Other users also replied to the tweet, saying whatever Viktor had said, they are definitely wise words and to be noted by men all over the world.


Viktor—full name Viktor Ong is a character from the animated series ‘Ejen Ali’. He is one of the students from class 6 Avicenna and also best friend to Ali.

Viktor is known for his wise words and wisdom, especially to Ali whenever he is in need of help.

Apparently, that is not the only time Viktor has shown how useful his advice is! Another user had also replied under the thread with another video snippet of Viktor proving his wisdom.

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