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Binge-Watch JinnyBoy’s Latest 4-Episode Series on tonton!

Life is a game and true love is a trophy – a trophy that promises happily ever after, but time decides the perfect emergence.

Presenting another venture between tonton and YouTuber JinnyboyTV on meeting the right person, but in the wrong place, Love at First Swipe.

This tonton original series tells the story of Hann, a teacher in his 30s who is painfully single, living in a dull and traditional life who has been peer pressured into looking for a partner through dating apps.

At last, he gave in and met Jess, and they quickly developed a strong chemistry.

Initially, everything went well for them but soon went downhill when his students found out and started making memes out of their teacher for using the app.

It was a tough time as Hann was torn between keeping his job and continuing his relationship with Jess, both of which he loves. Ultimately, the teacher was forced to chose the former as the situation with Jess at that time seemed bleak.

Upon losing contact with her, however, Hann came to terms with his misconceptions about love in a digital age, and found it back in the most unexpected way.

Airin Zainul, Director of tonton, Licensing and Merchandising Television Network Media Prima Berhad, said,

“With the overwhelming success of our first JinnyboyTV partnership – tonton’s first original movie, By My Side, we are confident with the work of Jinnyboy and their talents on telling love-stories for the young at heart.”

All four episodes will be made available on tonton on 24th December 2018 for users to binge-watch anytime and anywhere.

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《Ejen Ali: The Movie》来势汹汹!上映3天票房收640万

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