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BTS to Perform Live on America’s Got Talent

BTS is absolutely taking over the world! What better way to dominate the entertainment scene than by conquering shows in the United States.

On September 6th, 2018, competitive talent show America’s Got Talent’s Twitter announced that South Korean boy band, BTS, will be gracing their stage.


After the news broke out, excited af fans were absolutely ecstatic. Some did wonder whether it really was true or not and Big Hit Entertainment replied,

“BTS will be appearing on America’s Got Talent, which will be airing next Wednesday. They are scheduled to hold a performance.”

Their performance will take place during the semi-finals which proves just how amazing these boys are. They are expected to perform IDOL but there’s no confirmation yet on possibly performing any other songs.

Meanwhile, the live broadcast happens to fall on September 12th which is also RM’s birthday!

Remember to tune into America’s Got Talent to show the boys, especially RM, lots of support.

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首要媒体电视网络与Viu合作! 9月起在ntv7和Viu平台同步开播三部Viu原创剧《Salon》、《Jibril》以及《The Bridge》;其中新马两地视后林慧玲和影帝布朗特帕拉瑞将在《The Bridge》尬戏飙演技。

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Follow Award-Winning German Designer Horst Raack on His Next Fashion Competition

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