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Catch Ejen Ali Misi Optimum At Sunway Pyramid On 10-15 December 2019!

Guys, Ejen Ali The Movie is back with a new mission for Misi Optimum!

Ejen Ali The Movie is back with a new mission called Misi Optimum. Misi Optimum is a sequel to Misi: MATA Academy that has garnered 60,000 attractions in December 2018.

As part of the collaboration, Tenaga Nasional Berhad is championing the “Better, Brighter” mission of using energy efficiency, Ejen Ali is taking on this mission to embed these key Energy Efficiency tips throughout Misi: Optimum. 

Bring your kids to join this  fun-filled family activities such as interview session with mascot, coloring contest, “IRIS DIY session” and game. Get your hands on Ejen Ali merchandises, game, food, shoes and many more! 

Powered by  Bananana! Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Pediasure, Misi Optimum will take place at Orange Atrium Concourse, Sunway Pyramid. Starting from 10 till 15 December, 10 AM-10 PM!

Don’t forget to drop by Sunway Pyramid and experience a whole new world of becoming a true agent!

Act now!

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Mira Filzah Lempang Zul Ariffin?

Kenapa ni? Tak pernah lagi dengar Mira tampar siapa-siapa kan?

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23 MBO Outlets Screened Dumbo for Free to Over 3,400 Underprivileged Kids

MBO partnered with Kiwanis Malaysia to give these children a wonderful weekend.

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《Angel Has Fallen 天使沦陷》5 大必看爆点!

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Infinite Challenge Officially Ends in April!

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恐怖片《鬼修女》(The Nun)即将上映,北美陆续公开电视预告,每个片段虽然只有短短几十秒,但诡异氛围和鬼修女突然现身的画面仍相当吓人,甚至有一支在YouTube播放的广告因为太惊悚,被迫下架,也成功创造讨论话题。

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