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Do You Remember What Happened in Episode 1 & 2 of I, Remember?

Hafiq is a genius. To be precise, he has photographic memory, which means he can remember every single detail of something he has seen, touched, heard, smelt, and felt.

Episode 1

It is obvious that this talent which he has helps a lot in his work. He is able to remember all the details in his paperwork without having to bring them to meetings.

It is something which he low-key boasts about as well. Though Hafiq doesn’t mean to, he gets very easily annoyed at people who aren’t as intelligent as him. But that doesn’t mean he hates them.

This is evident when his housemate, Anton, invited a bunch of strangers over for Hafiq’s birthday party. The latter was completely upset over the ruckus but instead of throwing them out, he secluded himself in his room.

The partying and drinking went on outside but Hafiq remained in his room. He suddenly gets a call from his boss asking him to locate certain files from many years back.

This is when Hafiq shows how his talent works. He immerses himself into the past. He will be at the specific setting which in this case is his office, then he goes through the items just as if he were right there.

The next morning, he comes out from his room to find a passed out Anton and a messy living room. Anton asks what’s the damage and Hafiq starts off sarcastically but then seriously answers,

“I’m guessing 10 to 20 points of your IQ.

“Three pairs of your sneakers, the iron golf club that you just bought, the one Chinese vase that I hated so much – thank God, two bottles of wine, and your PlayStation cable.”

Their conversation proves that Hafiq does care for Anton regardless of their polar opposite personalities (and IQ levels).

Next, Hafiq goes to Mrs Tan’s medicine shop to buy something to cure both his and Anton’s headaches. There, he meets Elise, a cute new girl working in the shop part-time.

Hafiq reveals his ‘powers’ when Elise couldn’t find the medication. This shocked her greatly.

Later, Hafiq is at a meeting with another client and he looks like he is in pain. His vision goes blurry and the most shocking thing happens!

“I can’t remember…”


Episode 2

The second episode starts off with Hafiq laying down in his room. He is again in pain and hears loud clubbing music coming from the living room. He shouts at Anton to turn it down but the music still kept blaring.

Annoyed, he opens the door to demand that Anton shut off the music. Much to his surprise, however, Anton was actually just watching TV and there was no one else in the living room!

Hafiq suddenly stops hearing the music too. He goes back in his room and tries to remember things again. His condition was better than during the meeting with the client, previously.

He could remember some things now but it’s still blurry here and there which upset him terribly.

He goes back to Mrs Tan’s shop to get more medicine for his headache but Elise starts questioning if it could be something else causing the pain.

She promises to help him figure things out and to take the pain away. She prescribes him a herbal remedy which was completely disgusting and didn’t help at all.

So, they both meet up a few times to research for a solution together.

Later, they visit a quaint cafe together and ordered some drinks but an awkward misunderstanding occurs with the barista.

Elise sighs,

“This is nice. Spending time like this is nice.”

The bartender overhears this and gives a meaningful nod as he look at the two back and forth. Flustered by the bartender’s stares, the two blabber away to try and clarify that there is nothing going on between them.

The bartender replies before walking away,

“And I didn’t ask…”


Hafiq suddenly has an idea and the two return to Mrs Tan’s shop to check back on records from more than 20 years ago. They come across some weird medicine names and tries to order some of the old stock from an online platform called GNT.

They weren’t able to purchase any using Elise’s account but they decide to try and hack into Mrs Tan’s account. Hafiq goes home and Elise closes up the shop.

However, she suddenly receives a weird phone call from an unknown number. The scene moves onto Hafiq’s boss calling him in to a meeting.

The client is a new one and introduces himself as Eugenne from GNT!


Jeng jeng jeng! What could really be going on? Why did this person from that pharmaceutical company suddenly turns up in front of Hafiq out of the blue?

Well, we gotta find out in Episode 3 of I, Remember which will be released this Sunday, 12pm, only on tonton.

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