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Don’t Forget to Watch the General Election Date Announcement Today!

The General Election 14 (GE14) is happening very soon!

The 13th Parliament was dissolved on April 7th and today, the government will be announcing the election date.

Any general election is very important for the whole country. It affects every single one of us and we must do our part in casting our votes.

Of course, to do so, we must know the details such as when, where, how and who. To keep yourself updated, Media Prima has made it easy for every Malaysian.

Citizens can keep up with the announcement which will happen live at 12pm today via all major channels; TV3, NTV7, 8TV and TV9.

For those of you who are on-the-go or from overseas, fret not because you can also catch the live broadcast via all major Media Prima YouTube channels and Facebook pages.

If you’re in the middle of binge-watching your favourite dramas on tonton, you can stay within the app or website. Click on the LIVE tab and it will bring you over to all the major TV channels which you can watch for free!

To make matters easier, you don’t even need to stray far from xtra! We have our own LIVE TV section as well where you can watch our television channels. So, you can catch everything from all your portable devices.

We can’t wait to see when’s the date!

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