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Ejen Ali Did It Again! Garnering RM13 Million By Far And #1 On GSC’s Top 10 Movies For 4 Days Straight!


Ejen Ali The Movie has been receiving a hot reaction from the fans! This highly anticipated Malaysian animated movie has been the talks of the people since the first day it came out on the big screens!

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Believe it or not, it was only recent that the news of Ejen Ali The Movie had garnered RM1.86 million on its first day! And now—one week later, it’s confirmed that Ejen Ali The Movie has garnered and outstanding number of RM13 million! And the number will keep growing and growing!

And not only that, this animated movie that tells the tale of a M.A.T.A. agent Ali and his friends has attracted the attention and interest of both the kids as well as adults! You will be surprised on how many adults are going to the cinemas exclusively to watch the awesome-ness of the action-packed Ejen Ali The Movie.

Because of this, Ejen Ali The Movie has maintained its crown as #1 in GSC’s Today’s Top 10 Movies list!

If you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for?! It’s never too late! Go grab your tickets now!

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Filem Thu, 2 Aug 2018

Kenapa Ibu Bapa Suka Tanya Soalan Berulang Kali?

Perhatikan gelagatnya seperti bertanya soalan sama berulang, mundar mandir, termenung, gelisah. Itu antara simptom yang perlu diambil berat, bukan dipandang ringan.

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Banglasia 2.0 Filem Komedi Penuh Kontroversi Bakal Menemui Penonton Malaysia

Banglasia 2.0 menarik perhatian seluruh dunia apabila tayangan filem ini diadakan di New York Asian Film Festival dan the Osaka International Film Festival serta the Singapore International Film Festival namun masih belum pernah ditayangkan di negara Malaysia sendiri. 

Filem Wed, 10 Apr 2019

郭晓东、赖淞凤拍摄《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》伤痕累累!

拍摄《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》伤痕累累!嘉宾郭晓东和赖淞凤到底是玩了什么「激烈」游戏?

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Dapatkan Barangan Ejen Ali Secara Online Hanya Di CANTIX!

Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk dapatkan barangan Ejen Ali hanya di WWW.CANTIX.COM.MY

Filem Mon, 15 Oct 2018



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「音乐教父」登台献唱 四导师秒变乖乖仔


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Here’s What Malaysians Enjoyed Watching on YouTube in 2018

Can you guess what’s the top video?

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Exclusive! Scooby-Doo is Coming Back in a New Animated Movie #SCOOB

Scooby-Doo and the Gang is back solving mysteries and we are excited!

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