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Film Directors Gavin Yap And Jess Teong Never Thought Film-Making Can Be Done With Just A Phone, Not Until HUAWEI

Now is the future!

Smartphone cinematography has changed the way film-making produce films nowadays, and HUAWEI Malaysia today has proven this true with its inaugural HUAWEI Film Awards—in partnership with Media Prima Berhad and Primeworks.

▲ The HUAWEI Film Awards dedicated to celebrate work shot in any Huawei smartphones.

With the vision of finding passionate talents, film makers, content creators as well as film directors to encapsulate their creativity through stories, HUAWEI Film Awards invites people to send in their masterpiece to compete on the grand prize of USD20,000 across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

▲ The goal is to uncover the talents of tomorrow.

Gracing their presence on the Malaysian launch were infamous brilliant local film directors—Jess Teong, Tuan Faisal, Nik Amir, Kroll Azry and Gavin Yap—whom showcased their own capabilities in five different short films shot only with the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro.

If this were said 10 years back, shooting a film with a phone sounds comical!

Film director Jess Teong shared her experience working with a compact device for the production of ‘Roots’—her masterpiece. Initially she had doubt—not with the phone but herself—but the end result was magnificent!

“I must say I am impressed with the quality because I was scared at first as the film was shot by smartphone, but I’m impressed that I can capture authentic atmosphere and emotions beautifully on big screens.”

— Jess Teong

▲ The film directors gracing their presence at the HUAWEI Film Awards.

And sharing the same experience was Gavin Yap, the successful director of ‘Dendam Pontianak’ released back in September this year. Working with a smartphone—HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro to be exact—in directing his short film ‘Chasing Santhosham’ was an experience he described as joyful.

“In the future, it will only get better and it’s only a matter of time that things will get smaller and smaller. And with this Film Award, it will open the eyes of directors out there that film-making is not all about big cameras.”

— Gavin Yap

The HUAWEI Film Awards is now open entries for all.

Be it beginner or an adventurous content creator, all completed short film entries are open to submission starting today until 25th of February 2020. For more information, you can go to the its official link here.

The winner of APAC Best Film at HUAWEI Film Awards will walk away with a grand prize of USD20,000!

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