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Follow Award-Winning German Designer Horst Raack on His Next Fashion Competition

Famous German goldsmith and costume designer, Horst Raack, is going on another fashion adventure!

The genius man first dabbled in outfits after he was inspired during a trip to the Venice Carnival in 2003. To him, it was magic beyond words and the only way to express what he felt was through making his own set of fancy outfits.

With little budget at the time, he used old theatre costumes for material instead, which also led to his Baroque and Rococo style, though in his own merits. He also took worked with aged curtains.

He also sourced for fabric wherever he could, from online stores to flee markets. To put these cloths together was nothing but an old sewing machine, and yet, everything that came out has resulted in unbeatable brilliance.

The costume maker from Enger has continued to take his experience at the Venice Carnival in 2003 as his muse which has resulted in him winning 5 awards.

Now, in 2019, the legend will be taking part in the contest called “Concorso della Maschera più bella” once again with completely new costumes for a radiant performance in every sense of the word.

His journey to Venice is detailed in the series called Euromaxx in DW. Catch the show via tonton every Saturday at 12.30pm starting March 2nd, 2019!

Repeats take place on Saturday at 5.30pm and 9.30pm, on Sunday at 6.30am, 9.30am and 2.30pm, and Monday at 1.30am.


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