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German Independent Broadcasting Corporation Partners with tonton

DW (Deutsche Welle), Germany’s independent broadcasting corporation today announced that it will make a huge comeback on tonton, Malaysia’s #1 and biggest OTT player.

The German international broadcaster which prides itself on independent journalism wants to contribute to diversifying international content currently available on Malaysia’s news market.

DW made its last appearance on tonton in early 2017. Now, on its 65th anniversary Germany’s international broadcaster built on a tradition of success around the globe with its quality programming and reliable journalism seeks to add a German perspective to the Malaysia’s international news market.

DW markets itself on its distribution philosophy of “think globally, act locally,” – this means offering fresh global insights to local audiences in the form of unbiased, reliable news and information via a local popular online platform such as tonton.

A comeback this time is made different with an offering of two types of content from DW – DW English, a linear channel and DW VOD, Video on Demand content in the form of short clips.

DW English is a 24-hour English language TV channel providing reports on important issues, careful analysis and insights around the globe for its global viewers.

The channel presents the latest news, special features and talk shows covering everything from business, science and politics to culture and sports.

Delve into the most gripping chapters in contemporary history by watching DocFilm: The Arrow of Time – Gorbachev and the Opportunity for Peace Wasted or get the in-depth reporting on newsworthy events in The Current Affairs Documentary, all via DW English, bringing people closer to what matters most.

On the other hand, DW VOD serves premium VOD content in the form of short clips available via tonton. It comprises special content such as BirdsEye, Try This!, Now You Know, Dresscode and Euromaxx DIY.

The integration of DW on tonton is part of its distribution effort in the Asia Pacific Region catering specifically to Malaysians. It is also intended to promote exchange between the world’s cultures and peoples.

Peter Limbourg, Director General of Deutsche Welle said of the collaboration:

“It’s great news that we can again reach out to viewers on the tonton network. DW is offering a perspective on international news and supplies background which enables audiences around the world to better understand the world we share.

“We are striving in particular to get young audiences interested in world affairs. This is reflected in the way we present the news, but also in many programs which aim to initiate a dialogue with our users.

“tonton is a strong partner who provides DW with an opportunity to become a strong voice for objective information in the region.”

Airin Zainul, Director of tonton, Licensing and Merchandising Television Network Media Prima Berhad speaks of the integration,

In today’s enhanced and evolving exchange of information, it is necessary that Malaysians as part of the global citizens equip ourselves with the latest developments of current affairs.

“We are positive this latest collaboration with DW will expand DW’s reach in Malaysia to the next level and help further grow tonton’s numbers. tonton is now made accessible at no cost to Malaysian consumers.”

Both DW English and DW VOD are available on tonton starting 15th October 2018 onwards. Catch all of the content for FREE on the new tonton app or online at

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