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Let’s face it; life is dramatic. Sometimes, we wonder just how dramatic life can get, right? With no textbook to guide us in existing, for some of us, casual reads might be the best life reference that we can get out there.

An all-new Malay comedy drama, Suamiku Mat Piun slated for an exclusive release on tonton 23rd February in HD is here to help channel out your inner drama queen!

Part of tonton First lineups, Malay drama fans will be thrilled to know that they will chuckle endlessly while binge-watching all 19 episodes of this comedy drama 2 months ahead of its TV3 premiere.

Suamiku Mat Piun centers on Nieza and Pojie as a married couple traversing through life challenges with Nieza, an ardent Malay novel fan making most of her family’s life decisions based on the dramatic plots she absorbs through her reads. 

Their lives have never been free of challenges starting from their plan to get married until after they have created a small family of their own.

Forced to live a modest lifestyle due to Pojie’s humble profession as a delivery man (Mat Piun), the couple is joined with past and new characters, further making their lives more intense as well as equally more hilarious than ever.

With a series of never-ending tensions, rivalries and marital disputes spiced up with Nieza’s dramatic attitude, can the couple survive their life challenges with a laughter?

With a stellar lineup such as the ever-so-funny Sharifah Sakinah as Nieza and Along Cham as Pojie joined by Mark Adam, Mimi Lana and Rania Humaira, this comedy drama is guaranteed to make you roll on the floor laughing 2 months ahead of its TV3 debut.

Airin Zainul, Director of Director of tonton, Licensing & Merchandising, Television Network Media Prima Berhad said of the comedy drama release,


“Don’t forget to catch this comedy drama series that is guaranteed to leave you and Malay novel fans everywhere cackling throughout all 19 episodes 2 months ahead of its TV3 debut in HD exclusively on tonton.”

Start binge-watching all 19 episodes of the tonton First drama exclusively on tonton starting this 23rd February onward.


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