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Grab Your Hands On These Coolest Ejen Ali Merchandise Only At CANTIX

Have you watched Ejen Ali The Movie? If you have, then you probably wondering how to get all those coolest Ejen Ali marchandise for your kids. 

FYI, Ejen Ali merchandise is currently available at MYDIN mall in USJ but for those of you who want to get it super duper fast and get it deliver on  your door within minutes with no hassle at all, then here’s the good news all of you have been waiting for!

Ejen Ali merchandise is now currently available at the new celebrity e-commerce platform, CANTIX. 

Retailing at only RM 35.00 for Ejen Ali T-shirt and pyjama, jersey for RM 50.00. Available in all sizes, S to XL. Grab your hands on these coolest Ejen Ali’s merchandise, Now! Now! Now! 

Ejen Ali The Movie Breaks Record With 25 Million in 3 weeks! 

Congratulations to Malaysia’s local animated movie, Ejen Ali The Movie for gaining 25 million, three weeks after its theatrical release.

Well done, agents! 

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Ini Sebab Kenapa Korang Wajib Tengok Rancangan Paling Meletop Minggu Ini!

Kepada yang selalu terlepas rancangan dan drama menarik di TV3 atau di TV9 jangan risau, korang semestinya boleh menyaksikan rancangan kegemaran korang hanya di tonton! Bukan sahaja dapat menyaksikan siaran ulangan dan drama secara siaran […]

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Binge-Watch JinnyBoy’s Latest 4-Episode Series on tonton!

The love story is modern and maybe a tad bit cynical.

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周杰伦为战队更名「地表最狂」 哈士奇战队改编抖音神曲!


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Can Love Really Bloom By Just Singing a Duet Together?

Join the journey to find the perfect duet couple.

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Netizens Can’t Wait for Pulang to Be Released After Being Teased by 3 Trailers

Three teaser trailers have been released thus far but when will the movie be released?

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What’s That Smell? It’s a Good Cup of Kopi Brewing

Inspired by Fixi novel – the local best-selling collection of fictional short stories, this original web series serves controversies of modern life in different addictive blends of coffee beans.

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盛天俊陈子颖情侣身份首亮相 《逆光成长》有望开拍续集


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