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The trailer for a ‘2018 Friends’ TV series by Smasher went viral recently after it was posted onto YouTube.

The video shows the cast middle-aged and having the time of their lives, reuniting with the other cast members and going through some special moments.

According to Indy100, the video was titled The One With The Reunion, fuelling every fan of the sitcom to go crazy about a possible reunion.

Everyone loves Friends and their beloved cast; Curtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

Of course, if anyone followed the casts’ career up until now, they would realise that those scenes in the ‘trailer’ were in fact just clips from other shows such as Cougar Town, Web Therapy, The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Dirt.

Aiyo…so the video is fake, lah.

Unfortunately, not only is the video completely bogus, the cast have denied rumours of a reunion over and over again.

In an interview with The Thrive Global Podcast in 2017, Jennifer explained that the Friends concept wouldn’t really work out in today’s time due to the advancement in technology.

She said,

“We were jokingly saying that if ‘Friends’ was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones.

“There would be no actual episodes or conversations. So, if we had Friends today, would conversations be based on the latest Facebook drama or Tinder date?

“Would Rachel be posting her latest haircut on Instagram? And would we all fall for Joey Tribbiani’s flirting on Tinder?”

Indeed, things would be a bit too different. The group wouldn’t really need to meet up as often to share their stories either, as they could easily talk about it over the phone.

What do you guys think though? Would modern tech really interfere with how the Friends interact?

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