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Just Answer This Quiz And You Might Stand A Chance To Win A Travel Experience For Two In Switzerland, Dubai, Japan or Phuket!

If you’re looking to an action-packed adventure, you’ve come to right place!

Klook—the official travel partner for Jumanji: The Next Level is looking for eager travelers across the globe who are ready in following the footsteps of the Jumanji character to unknown and unexplored parts of the world!

Inspired by the adventures in the film, Klook invites you to a never-experienced-before adventurous trip by simply ask you to discover your Jumanji travel avatar in a personality quiz.

Four winners will stand a chance to win a travel experience of a lifetime for two in Switzerland, Dubai, Japan or Phuket, plus to unlock a promo code that will reward you a RM50 off for the your next adventure.

This contest will run from 27 November to 31 December 2019.

Lucky selected winners will be contacted via email. But before that, to hype you up for the adventure, watch this trailer of Jumanji: The Next Level that has released in the big screens in December 5th.


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Alaaaaa… kenapa ni Oppa?

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Banglasia 2.0 Raih Penonton Tersendiri

Banglasia 2.0 filem kontroversi yang bakal menemui penonton pada 28 Februari ini!

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造势活动演员自爆花名 张熙恩扮OPPA笑翻天


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【好消息】 50%优惠价升级成为tonton VIP

tonton目前乃是马来西亚互联网电视平台中的第一名,为回馈用户tonton特别推出促销活动。从2017年11月1日起至2017年12月31日,用户将可以透过“超级英雄配套”以50%的优惠价升级成为tonton VIP。

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