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Korean Government to Shut Down Mukbang Shows!

Everyone loves watching mukbang shows.

Mukbang is a type of genre whereby a person will eat large amounts of food in one sitting, and we basically watch all of it happen though our screens, live!

It’s fun because they tend to make certain things look so much more delicious than they might be, and they can eat so, so much as well.

Unfortunately, the South Korean government is planning to implement new restrictions on mukbang starting next year, Koreaboo reported.

Apparently, it is a step towards fighting the rising obesity rate within the country. In 1998, 26% of South Koreans were obese but in 2016, the number has raised up to 34.8%.

Though there’s been an increase in the number of obese people in the country, South Korea still has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world.

Of course, they won’t be banning the binge-eaters from doing their videos anymore, but there will be guidelines added.

The Ministry of Heath and Welfare said,

“In 2019, we will develop guidelines for the binge-eating media – TV and internet broadcasts – to improve eating behaviour and to build a monitoring system.”

Understandably, many of the mukbang streamers aren’t too happy about this proposed plan which they find to be ‘dictatorial’.

Meanwhile, others found that it wouldn’t actually do much to curb this obesity issue. Rather, it might just make things worse.

What do you guys think of the new rules?

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