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Nona is a TV show that has been running since 1985. Thanks to a brand new host, TV3’s popular show has gotten a fresh ‘facelift’ and boost to its ratings!

The show, which focuses on women and family issues, has garnered a great following due to its way of keeping up with current affairs. To put simply, it is akin to watching the news with a fun lifestyle twist!

The show features lots of outdoor shoots where the host will typically go to places where there are interesting events taking place and report from there.

For such a long running TV show, it’s no surprise that the show has had numerous hosts from Puan Sri Normala Samsudin to Neelofa to name a few. In December 2017, Mira Filzah was announced as Nona’s latest host.

It looks like the producers of the show made a choice that resonates well with its viewers as a month into Mira hosting the show, Nona saw a sudden spike of 10% in viewership!

Undoubtedly, people are just so enamoured by Mira’s soft and soothing voice as well as her adorable features which makes it difficult for anyone to take their eyes off of.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mira, you should at least know that she is one great actress. Her career began when she was just 17 years old where she immediately got the lead role in Dunia Lola.

She went MIA for 2 years to concentrate on her studies in MARA Technology University but came back with a bang as she was offered roles after roles for different dramas and TV movies.

Prior to hosting Nona, Mira has also hosted other various shows such as Mahligai Cinta3 JuaraAnugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian, etc.

Catch Nona every Sunday at 2pm on TV3. If you don’t have time to catch the episode airing on television, no worries! You can easily watch it on tonton as well.

The best part, tonton has got all Nona episode since 2014! Start binging and catch up on all the entertaining and educational episodes wherever you are.

Follow Nona’s Facebook and Instagram too for the latest updates. 

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美国传记歌舞剧《大娱乐家》(The Greatest Showman)取材自真人真事,由鬼才导演麦可格雷希指导,以19世纪美国马戏团创始人巴纳姆的传奇一生为背景,而戏中人物,绝大部分都有根据。

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配合贺岁电视剧《春天花啦啦!》及网络贺岁电影《春天花啦啦!一屋满堂》即将播出,日前在吉隆坡桂和广场(Quill City Mall)进行发布会;Emily陈子颖爆料指朱浩仁是“NG王”,谁知被反咬一口,指盛天俊和陈子颖拍摄现场偷偷摸摸拍拖。

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CJ WOW SHOP Hits 1 Millionth Customer Mark!

Congratulations CJ WOW SHOP.

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