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Netizens Were Amused With The Viral Dance Scene From This Local Animation Movie

You will never see Mamak the same way again!

For those who have watched Ejen Ali The Movie, the entertaining Mamak Maju scene must have stuck in your head right? The line that goes along with ‘mamak maju..servis laju..mamak..’

Apparently, the Mamak Maju scene has become an overnight online sensation, garnering attention after its first live TV debut on TV3 Malaysia’s morning talk show, Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on 4 December 2019. 

Mamak Maju dance tutorial becomes a local phenomenon soon after it was uploaded on Ejen Ali official Instagram account, starting the viral hashtag #MamakMajuDanceChallenge. The top five dance covers will win free tickets to watch EJEN ALI The Movie, the contest challenge will end on 8th December. 

Within its release, The Mamak Maju scene has captured nearly 1.1 million views on Youtube. The  scene potray the viewers an inconic moment that all Malaysians can relate to, which is the culture of hanging out at mamak. 

 Check out netizens funny reaction to this dance scene: 

Let’s watch the real mamak maju scene from the movie: 

ஆம், mamak maju!

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