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Nur 2 is Finally on Air with More Drama and Controversies!

Last year’s most popular drama series on TV3 is back again for the beloved fans with another season!

The first episode aired last night at 10:00PM on TV3. What did you guys think of the first episode?

Surely the whole nation is excited for Nur 2, and with the new season, you guys are definitely in for a roller coaster ride with the more dramatic and controversial new characters in the series.

“Ready to catch the first episode of Nur 2 in a bit? Make sure you guys do not forget! Every Monday – Thursday, 10:00PM on TV3! @syafiqkylez @aamyrarosli #Nur2 Watch full episodes on iflix and!”

The Nur 2 phenomenon is not just felt by the fans of the show but the main casts are also very much excited and nervous for the show to be aired.

Both Syafiq Kyle and Amyra Rosli promoted short clips of Nur 2 on their personal Instagram accounts.

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Ustaz Adam menguak halaman baru bagi bab kedua dalam buku hidupnya, esok. Bismillahirrahmannirrahhim #Nur2

A post shared by Syafiq Kyle (@syafiqkylez) on

Syafiq Kyle’s caption reads, 

“Ustaz Adam reveals a new page for the second chapter of his life, tomorrow. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim #Nur2”

Syafiq Kyle plays the character of Ustaz Adam, a person who is very keen on rescuing those who are in the wrong direction but with subtle ways.

His approach is rather different, and that is what makes him reliable and trustable in the said community. 

Amyra Rosli’s caption reads, 

“Are you guys ready for Nur 2 tomorrow? I feel so nervous it’s like I’m taking my SPM. Let’s all watch it tomorrow night on TV3 at 10:00PM on the Samarinda slot. @radiusone_official.”

What happened in the first season of Nur really got the netizens going crazy and angry at some of the characters.

In Nur 2, things are going to spice up as the plot is bound to leave everyone in awe!

“Nur 2 theme song by @amyleaazizan @megatmentor7 – Tetap Kamu! Do not forget to watch Nur 2 at 10:00PM on TV3 every Monday to Thursday. #Nur2.”

The fan’s excitement of the serial drama is also felt through the selection of a new theme song sung by Amylea and Megat Mentor entitled ‘Tetap Kamu’.

The OST for the first season was sung by Amylea and Kaer. But for Nur 2, Megat hopes that the fans will give him a chance to prove his talent to be fit for the song. 

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Here are some tweets from the fans of Nur 2: 

#Nur2 was trending in first place on Twitter last night and at number 4 worldwide! Not bad for the first episode, right?

But according to Metro, a fan also tweeted that there are some  major quranic mistakes in the first episode which is really unacceptable.

Shahrulezad Mohameddin responded to this and said,

“What’s wrong is from myself. I am really sorry for the mistake and the negligence that I have caused.

“I have asked the production crew to re-shoot the scene with the correct recitation of the Al-Quran and replace the scene on tonton and iflix.”

It might be rough start, but let’s hope things will be at its best later  in the following episodes. 

The drama directed by Shahrulezad Mohameddin recorded a total of 2.5 million viewers last season. 

To fans of Syafiq Kyle, Amyra Rosli, Azar Azmi, Azhan Rani, Noorkhiriah, do not forget to watch Nur 2, every Monday to Thursday at 10:00PM only on TV3!

Recaps of the episodes will be uploaded on iflix for those of you who missed it on TV! And you can always live stream on tonton.

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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