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Pulang: It’s More Than Just a Romantic Movie, It’s Also Filled with Action

Local movies have often been looked down upon because they don’t live up to Hollywood’s standards, but Pulang can probably contend in the Golden Globe Awards or similar.

It is absolutely more than just a sappy romantic movie as it is filled with loads of nail-biting suspense, thrill and mystery.

Though the theme is about a couple’s relationship, it also revolves around how they were torn apart by distance and loss of contact.

Basically, the love of this woman’s life went missing after he vowed to return with riches after setting sail to the sea. Unfortunately, a horrid thunderstorm destroyed the man’s ship.

Years gone by, both the man, Othman and the woman’s children have grown into adults. But still stuck on her husband’s promise of coming home, she begs her grandson, Ahmad, to locate the long lost man.

“Ahmad, please find out where your grandfather is now. I need to know…before I die.”

Of course, his grandfather had gone missing way before he even existed, making it all the more difficult. However, she reiterated the need to find Othman once more.

Delving into the mysterious disappearance of his own blood and flesh, Ahmad does his best to unravel hidden secrets, horrifying events and chilling truths.

Since Othman’s vanishing took place in the 1940’s, we’ll get to witness Malaya during the Japanese occupation when World War II took place.

Explosions, fights and blood; the movie will definitely keep everyone on the edge of our seats as we consume the movie when it is finally released.

Check out the second teaser trailer of Pulang here:

This is so exciting! Missed out on the first trailer? Watch it here.

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