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RM50,000 Up for Grabs on TV3’s Newest Reality Show, ‘Lagu Cinta Kita’

‘Lagu Cinta Kita’ is the latest reality show adapted from the popular Vietnamese programme called ‘Love At First Song’ that will be hosted by Nana Mahazan.

Malaysia is the third country to release the reality show after Vietnam and Korea. 

Centred for men and women around the ages of 18 to 45, the programme aims to find the best duet pairs through the same selected song by both couples, and to test their compatibility with each other.

Sixteen contestants are chosen to take part in the competition. The contestants have yet to meet, and everything will be revealed on the first episode of the show. 

Scha Al-Yahya and Hael Husaini are the main juries for the show and a guest jury will be joining the judging panel on every episode. 

After making it through the first episode, the contestants will continue their journey by preparing for the following concerts and completing the ‘Camp Love Song’ mission.

The couples will be given the chance to change their partners or re-match with another person but the condition that all parties involved can agree to it.

In the second week’s concert, the contestants’ performance will be from an OST, and they have to reenact the scenes of the famous couples of the song. 

In order to determine the winners, 50% of the votes will come from the respective juries and another 50% from the audience in the second episode.

The pair with the lowest scores will be eliminated. The following episodes will be fully judged by the juries. 

Scha Al-Yahya told xtra, 

“I am looking for couples with great personality, chemistry and character. I want to see how they overcome the struggles that they will face throughout the competition. 

“The way they accept and adapt with one other is also a criterion that I will be looking out for. I will not be judging their vocals as that will be Hael Husaini’s expertise. And I am also hoping to see great dynamic and synergy from the contestants.” 

Three pairs of the finalist will battle it out to walk home with RM50,000 cash. And if the couple really falls in love with each other and decide to tie the knot, their wedding will be sponsored! 

For the first time ever, the first episode of ‘Lagu Cinta Kita’ will be broadcast digitally, exclusively on TV3’s YouTube Channel at 9:00PM starting on the 19th of April.

A broadcast on television screens on TV3 will also showing on the 21st of April every Sunday at 3:00PM for two hours. 

‘Lagu Cinta Kita’ is brought to you exclusively by Huawei, Rexona & Mc’ Cafe. 

Don’t miss out on the couples’ first meet up on the 19th of April! 

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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