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These 5 Other Actors Nearly Became Yoo Si Jin in Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun was the most watched South Korean drama during the period of its airing.

As everyone knows, Song Joong Ki played the role of Yoo Si Jin so well that his fame shot into the skies right after he finished his military service.

Surprisingly, Joong Ki wasn’t the writer’s first choice for this role at all. Because Joong Ki is more slender than bulky with muscles, they felt that he wasn’t very suitable.

Which was why they offered the role to other actors but they turned it down due to conflict of schedule and fear of commitment.

Unlike your typical Korean dramas, Descendants of the Sun is totally pre-produced before it goes on air. Usually, the dramas are shot on a weekly basis and then aired almost immediately.

This is because the writers can edit the story-line according to each episode based on viewers’ reaction and comments as the show goes on.

Meanwhile, some of the actors were also worried that playing a soldier wouldn’t be a very good idea. They were also hesitant to keep the short-crop which, realistically, soldiers all have.

Additionally, the show was supposed to be aired on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) but even the company felt it wouldn’t be very successful and decided to drop it. It was later picked up by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

Here are is the list of actors whom were offered the role but declined:

1. Jo In Sung

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There has been many times when In Sung appeared shirtless in dramas and people were totally in love with his sexy V-line. Plus, he has very broad shoulders that are to die for.

He is also an award-winning veteran in the acting industry having started his acting career in 2000 and having had multiple successful dramas and movies under his belt.

Perhaps he made the decision to pass this opportunity due to the short hairstyle that doesn’t really suit him.


2. Gong Yoo

2016 was a great year for Gong Yoo. In that year alone, he starred in three movies; A Man and a Woman, Train to Busan, and The Age of Shadows.

Meanwhile, at the end of the same year, he started acting in everyone’s favourite drama, Goblin.

It’s safe to say that Gong Yoo had to turn Descendants of the Sun down due to his extremely hectic schedule.


3. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is one of those versatile actors who can play all sorts of roles because he is that skilled.

He doesn’t shy away from roles which require a lot of action either as it was obvious in his 2017 movie, Confidential Assignment, where he portrayed a North Korean detective infiltrating the southern side.

It could be because he had just started VAST Entertainment in January, 2016 which made him hesitate about taking up the role of Yoo Si Jin.


4. Won Bin

Ever since Won Bin married Lee Na Young and the couple had a daughter together, he has been rather camera shy. For years now, he has not appeared in any new dramas or movies.

Won Bin might have wanted to spend more time with his little family and concentrate on being a father and husband, so, he turned it down.


5. Kim Woo Bin

Woo Bin has shown off his gorgeous abs many times on screen too, making fans go wild over him as always. His physique and very manly facial features are totally suitable for the role of a Special Forces unit leader too.

However, at that time, he was busy with a drama and movie already.

Regardless, since it was revealed that he has cancer back in May, 2017, he has rarely appeared on TV anymore due to treatment for his condition.

We hope Woo Bin will get better soon.


When this list of actors were revealed, some people actually felt that they would have played the role better than Joong Ki!

Despite these comments, we are glad that it was him in the end who took on the role because if hadn’t, he and Song Hye Kyo might not have met and gotten married and we wouldn’t have gotten this adorable Song Song Couple.

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