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These 5 Quirky Korean Drama Characters are So Worth Falling in Love with

There are many reasons we should watch dramas. For most people, they do so because it’s their favourite actors or actresses starring in those shows.

However, instead of looking at who the celebrity is, why not look at the characters they are playing.

Here’s 5 characters you absolutely need to check out and they would most likely make you fall in love with them or even the entire drama.

1. Byun Hyuk

Hyuk is your typical spoiled rich brat who doesn’t know anything about the real world. Having caused many troubles, be it accidentally or not, he’s put himself and his father’s company in many unfavourable positions.

However, throughout the series, he slowly learns about ‘reality’ the hard way all while keeping up his goofy and good nature.

Follow Hyuk’s development in Revolutionary Love via tonton today.


2. Ko Dong Man

There are certain things which youths should never have to worry about such as choosing between their career or their family’s well-being.

However, as a teenager, Dong Man was forced to choose between going after his passion or suffer the consequences of doing so. Regardless, he keeps up his happy-go-lucky self throughout all these adversities.

Catch Dong Man in Fight For My Way only on tonton.


3. Kang Joo Eun

Though she seems extremely uptight and serious about everything, Joo Eun is actually quite quirky character too. Her struggle to lose weight after being cheated on by her long-time boyfriend shows that she’s actually really goofy.

Plus, when her confidence is at its peak, you can see just how bright and funny she truly is.

Like most us, her stubbornness gets in the way for her weight loss journey but you can definitely have a good laugh at at her quirkiness.

Watch as she loses weight on Oh My Venus or you could even learn her diet and exercise plan too!


4. Oh Ri Jin

Most people would think that doctors are supposed to be strict. Though Ri Jin does take her work very seriously, her hilarious character still shines through.

She tackles every problem that comes her way with a big smile and positive attitude which brings a new and refreshing perspective to things.

Absorb her good vibes through Kill Me, Heal Me on tonton.


5. Hong Ra On

Back in the olden days, being a man was more exhilarating than being a woman because of the advantages the males had. Which is probably why Ra On decided to act as a man instead.

Indeed, by doing so, Ra On was able to garner more income and even receive more career-advancing opportunities. Her witty character is one anyone will enjoy watching.

Catch her antics on Love In The Moonlight via tonton to have a great laugh.


There are so many more hilarious characters out there so remember to catch them all on tonton!

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