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These Epic Mistakes on Pujaan Hati Kanda Will Make You Facepalm

Whilst delved deep into the plot of Pujaan Hati Kanda, some of you probably didn’t even realise or notice certain mistakes in the popular drama.

Though Pujaan Hati Kanda has been involved with some controversies, it still entertained everyone. Regardless, the filming mistakes have become a source of fun jokes among netizens.

Check out these hilarious scenes:

1. The car can still be driven at N gear?

Actor Remy Ishak who plays Danny was seen driving in one particular scene and was about to answer Tiara’s phone call. However, the “N” was clearly visible on the car dashboard.

Regardless, remember not to use your phone while driving, peeps!


2. Can’t run with tied hands?

Mira Filzah who plays Tiara was in a dramatic scene whereby her mother was in need of help. However, Tiara’s hands were tied together and she couldn’t run over to help…except, her legs weren’t tied and she jolly well could have just went over and save her mum.


3. Lorries can fly now?

Take note of the number written on the elevator when he exits it. It says the 7th floor, and then he goes over to the office to set things down.

However, at the 41st second of the clip, you’ll notice a lorry driving past the building through the window. This story line might just be set one hundred years from now.


Though there are several notable mistakes in the filming of this series, many viewers still enjoy the gripping plot, as well as the interaction between the main characters.

Don’t forget to watch Pujaan Hati Kanda every Monday to Friday, 7pm, on TV3. You can also watch it through tonton and xtra’s LIVE TV site!

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