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This Is Not A Drill! Ultraman Is Literally Joining Marvel In 2020!

It’s official people! It’s official!

Who would expect that Ultraman will be joining the Marvel Family? Like how and why? Ultraman is from Japan and Marvel is from USA, plus both are from different universe! 

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Even when you’re a fan of both, you would know that these two mega franchises are very different from each other. Marvel has Iron Man and Captain America, and Ultraman has — well, obviously Ultraman. So when rumours of the two potentially combine forces, people can’t help but feel like it is just a joke.

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But on the 23rd November, Marvel made the official announcement!

But fret not because Ultraman will only encompass printed works such as comics and graphic novels only (for now). And also it is likely that even though they will soon be under the same parent, Ultraman will exist in a separate timeline with other Marvel characters.

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Whether this new partnership will result in a new movie deal, or even potentially a crossover; nothing is certain. 

The new Ultraman Marvel comic books are slated for release in 2020.

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Surprisingly, people took this news largely positive and fans are excited to pick up the new merchandise and comic books planned for next year. 

Let’s just hope that with this new partnership, we’ll get a more exciting stories!

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