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This Local Animated Film Sequel Might Just Be Coming True After Gaining So Much Attention

We are squealing for its sequel!

Following its massive success with 28 million box office in 28 days, WAU Animations CEO and Ejen Ali The Movie director, Usamah Zaid has hinted on the movie’s sequel.

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Though the sequel is still in talks, Usamah said that the movie’s sequel may take a bit of time to produce as the making is described as different compared to Ejen Ali original TV series. He further confessed that the movie plot is more detailed as it took around 90 animators to complete the first movie. 

Ejen Ali The Movie animation is the first ever local animated movie that feature Malaysia’s unique cultures and identity in Malaysia, as some of the female characters in Ejen Ali were portrayed wearing hijab — showing a different identity among Malaysia’s culture, as well as in Indonesia. 

Soaring even higher to Indonesia, Ejen Ali TV Series will be released in MNC Indonesia. Ejen Ali The Movie set to release in around 100 cinemas across Indonesia, with expectation of 1 million viewers in vision. 

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