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This Local Animated Movie Just Launched Its Own Comic Book Collection And OST

Good news for all of you agents!

Ejen Ali The Movie has officially launched its own official movie comic book and Original Motion Picture Soundtrack officiated by Ida Rahayu, Nabilah Rais, Azri Yunus and Hakim Kamal. 

The official movie comic book features selected behind the scenes art from the Movie’s production and adapts Ali’s journey from the Movie in a publication format. 

The collection will be available at local bookstores and convenience store outlets nationwide from January 2020 onwards. Limited quantities of the comic book will also be made available at the OURSHOP pop up store on 31 December 2019 in front of H&M Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur. 

Other exclusive merchandises will be available from today at the pop up store, as well as on Air Asia WiFi’s marketplace soon. This also marks the start between OURSHOP, e-Commerce arm of the AirAsia Group and Ejen Ali  and Ejen Ali to showcase local products and stories to the global stage. 

Don’t forget to grab your hands on the comic book for  only  RM 21.90 (West Malaysia)/ RM 22.90 (East Malaysia. In conjuction with the collection, Ejen Ali The Movie also released its OST album on Youtube alongside the fourth single from the Movie, Mama (Di Hatimu), on 27 December 2019.  The song was released on Friday on Youtube with over 850,000 views to date. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album is now available on Apple Music and is expected to drop on another major streaming platforms by January 202o.

The official launch was held at the Centre Court, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya. EJEN ALI THE MOVIE, powered by Tenaga Nasional Berhad and in partnership with Mydin and Pediasure, is currently screening at 125 locations in Malaysia.

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Alaaaaa… kenapa ni Oppa?

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过新年,一直都是华人最重视的日子;然而在福建人的传统文化里却有这么一句话道 “天公大过年!”

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L’Oréal Paris Presents Pulang, an Epic Creation of Khabir Bhatia

The movie promises to be the best local film of the year!

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